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Motta di Livenza (ITA) – Feb. 26, 2024. 

Today, Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG) has started the first enhanced Internship program with students attending the Master Degree in Political Science and Social Studies at University of Trieste. The Internship program will be conducted at “Mario FIORE” Barracks where Multinational CIMIC Group HQ and the 7° CIMIC Regiment are co-located and will involve six students, from February to December 2024, in three separate three-month modules.
“The Internship program is a result of a long lasting and mutual benefit cooperation with University of Trieste and it is aimed at providing the Master Degree Interns with specific competences related to the initial analysis and assessment of the civil environment of selected areas of crisis, preliminarily, where tactical CIMIC assets, belonging to the 7° CIMIC Regiment, are deployed”, said MNCG Commander, Colonel Ugo PROIETTO.
The analysis of the civil environment will cover political, economics, social and critical infrastructures in three separate geographic macro regions: Sub Saharian Africa (SAHEL), Middle East and North Africa (MENA) as well as NATO Eastern European flank. On case by case basis, the study will be guided by an internal MNCG HQ tutor supported by a tutor belonging to the Political Science and Social Studies Department at University of Trieste.
As a result of the Internship program, the Interns will be able to collect and select information from institutional open sources, aggregate data and information to develop deep dive analysis that will be refined by the CIMIC Analysis Section to produce genuine and predictive assessments of the studied civil environment. The steadfast analysis of the civil environment and related assessments will support the flow of information for the higher Headquarters building up an adequate situation awareness and understanding of the civil environment.


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