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NATO CIMIC Field and Staff Worker has completed the 2024 edition course

Motta di Livenza, 19 April 2024.

The two-week course called “NATO CIMIC Field and Staff Worker”, designed to provide the necessary knowledge and tools to plan and conduct civil-military cooperation activities, was recently held at the Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG).

The first week, common to all attendees, was aimed at familiarizing with NATO CIMIC doctrine, factors of the civil environment relevant to CIMIC operators, negotiation techniques, and sharing of experiences in the field. During the second week the attendees were split into two groups, one for personnel meant to operate on the field and the other one for personnel intended to operate as staff of military Headquarters. The course was run by instructors of the Multinational CIMIC Group supported by specialists coming from the NATO CIMIC Center of Excellence in the Netherlands, the Peace Support Operations Multinational Training Centre in Greece, CIMIC Functional Specialists from Slovenia and US Army Civil Affairs Brigade operators. To provide the students with a training opportunity as effective and challenging as possible, civil actors, local authorities, cultural and religious leaders and associations from the Opitergino-Mottense area were involved.

The quality standards of the education and training events offered by the MNCG has constantly been increasing over the years, in order to confirm MNCG as a leading organisation for education, training, and conduct of CIMIC activities within the Alliance.


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